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PDF Print Installation

The PDF Print extension is a GlobalSearch-specific printer driver for Windows® and requires proper permissions to install and configure. Please consult your IT staff to ensure you have appropriate rights to install printer drivers on your computer. Please consult your GlobalSearch administrator for the proper permissions settings; you must have GlobalSearch View and Add permissions to any Archives you wish to import to.

Install or Uninstall the PDF Print Extension

  1. To install the PDF Print extension, open the Extensions Manager interface in your browser and in the Extensions pane, click PDF Print (

  2. Click the PDF Print Install toggle switch.
    • Extensions Manager will download and extract the PdfPrinter folder to your local Square9_Apps directory, and then install the printer driver and GlobalSearch PDF Print programs. These can be found in your Windows Programs and Features list post installation.

  3. Once installed, the Print to GlobalSearch printer will be available to all applications that can print to a Windows Printer.


  4. To uninstall, click the Install toggle switch again.  Turning off the PDF Print extension will uninstall the Print to GlobalSearch printer from the system.
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