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Live Fields

Live Fields as a feature exposes programmable logic via Javascript to the GlobalSearch document viewer. Available to all customers on version 6.3 or greater, Live Fields serves as a toolbox for building custom behaviors in the viewer.

Live Fields are a component of the viewer. Since it’s possible a customer’s workflow or business process relies on data collected or calculated via a Live Field, edits from the search result grid are disabled when Live Fields are added to an Archive.

Considerations for live fields usage:

  • Live Fields are part of GlobalSearch’s viewer, and are designed to operate in conjunction with the current user and that user’s permissions. Live Fields should only expected to operate in a manner consistent with the permission set’s of the users accessing the documents in the Archive. For advanced process control with Live Fields, use of multiple Archives may be advised or necessary.

  • Live Fields operate when a document is opened or refreshed (think save). Live Fields only execute at this time, so build any process control with this in mind. Remember, a user clicking save multiple times will trigger multiple reloads. Such conditions might require logic in your rules to handle repeat loading, etc.

  • Live Fields do no override system controls like Read Only or System Fields, require parameters, etc.

Live Field Scripting

Live Fields are a powerful scripting tool that allow for calculations, notifications, data look ups, and a myriad of other options. To aid in this process, GlobalSearch incorporates a number of help properties, methods, and behaviors. Refer to the Live Fields developer guide for more detail.

Live Field Samples

The best way to understand Live Fields is by example. Below is a list of actual use cases. The script block in each example has a Copy option in the top right corner to simplify bringing these examples into your own environment.

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