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Row Level Calculations In Tables

In some cases, it can be helpful to be able to perform calculations in the rows of tables. Live Field rules allow for complete access to the row/column details of table data attached to a document. In this example, we calculate the Extended Amount bases on Quantity and Amount fields in a row.

Note that table field arrays are zero based, meaning the column indexes start at zero. In the example below, row[0] represents the field field in the table field (Quantity).

// Get current values.
var tf = $$inject.tableFields['Line Items'];

// Manipulate the data.
var data = tf.$$rawData();
data.forEach(row => {
    var extended = row[0] * row[2];
    if (extended == 0) return;
    row[3] = extended;

// Set the LiveField output display value.
return 'Updated ' + tf.$$rowCount + ' rows.';
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