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Install and Configure Bulk Update

The Bulk Update extension is used for overwriting data common to multiple documents at the same time. It is a tremendous time-saver when you need to replace data for a large number of documents in multiple Archives, but it can permanently change Index Field values and there is no way to reverse the changes for an affected document unless you have Versioning enabled on Archives. It is an option only available to system administrators (SSAdmin) and it must be used very thoughtfully. Before running Bulk Update Documents, it is strongly recommended that you first back up your database.

Install and Configure Bulk Update Extension

  1. Click the Bulk Update toggle switch to enable or disable this feature. There are no configuration settings in the Extensions Manager.

    Extensions Manager with Bulk Update indicated.

    When Bulk Update is enabled, the Bulk Update Documents from the Administrative Menu option will appear in the GlobalSearch Administration menu.

  2. To uninstall, click the Install toggle switch again.
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