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Importing Documents With DirectConnect

DirectConnect is an unattended document import tool, designed to enable quick and easy transfer of files into GlobalSearch without any user involvement, and no complicated setup. Designed to work with both on-premise GlobalSearch installations or with cloud based GlobalSearch C2, DirectConnect allows for the seamless capture of document content from your multifunction printer. DirectConnect can be configured however to be extend to any capture device including dedicated scanners or even fax servers. 

DirectConnect takes just a few minutes to install and configure allowing users to be scanning to GlobalSearch in minutes. Once in place, DirectConnect looks for changes to your GlobalSearch Archive structure and replicates them by creating a matching folder structure within the windows file system. Documents added to these network folders, typically through an MFP's Scan to Folder feature, are then automatically imported into GlobalSearch on a pre-defined schedule. 

When installed on a server, DirectConnect can be exposed as scan destinations for your multi-function copier or network attached scanner.  When deployed on a client desktop, DirectConnect works the same way, but the user will only be able to access folders they have Add permissions to.  Through the use of any desktop scanner, users can configure one touch scanning to a "DirectConnected" folder, and documents will automatically import as they are captured.  

DirectConnect is part of a multi tier capture strategy that also includes GlobalCapture Convey and GlobalCapture Enterprise Server.  DirectConnect is offered free of charge to any Square 9 customers with a valid support contract, and does not consume any user licenses when importing documents.

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