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Important Changes

While we do our best to ensure forward compatibility, existing customers should take note of the following changes that have the potential to impact existing workflows.

  • GlobalSearch Extensions and the Data Extraction extension are required for Desktop clients to leverage Key Free.  Previously the desktop deployment deployed the requisite OCR components for Key Free regardless of whether or not the customer was using them.  The change significantly reduces the size of the desktop footprint.  Click here for more info on the Data Extraction extension.
  • The Desktop client deployment has changed, and the Desktop client installer has changed locationsClick here for Desktop client deployment details.
  • As of GlobalSearch 6.1, support for IE11 begins its wind down period.  For GlobalSearch 6.1, IE11 is supported for client operations only.  No admin or workflow functions are supported in IE11.  As of August 17th 2021, Square 9 ceases to support IE11 entirely for use with it's products.  This coincides with Microsoft's own end-of-life timeline for IE11.
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