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Database Management

Databases are where documents are organized for searching and security. Only members of the SSAdmin group can create, modify, and delete databases. Members of the SSAdmin group can assign database administers for each database. Database permissions are set for individual users or groups of users by a member of the SSAdmin group or by the database administrator (if the users or groups have first been granted access to the database by the system administrator). Refer to the Manage Database Security page for details on setting database security.

When to Organize using Databases

Documents can be organized into Archives in a database, with permissions to the Archives set by user or group of users. In many cases this level of document and security organization is enough and only one database is required.

There are times when more than one database may be recommended:

  • If, for security reasons, you wish to have separate access for a given department or division (such as the HR department).
  • If, for organizational purposes, you wish to simply the Field Catalogs, security options, and Archive setup.
  • If you have installed the default SQL Server Express® database software as part of your installation and the amount of data in the database is approaching the SQL Server Express limit of 10 GB.

Plan Your Database Access

Check that all database administrators have proper permissions – the database administrator must be a database user. Also, note that database access and database administration access for Square 9 Users can be granted, changed, and revoked only via the web client.

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