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Create Databases

Multi-Database Support is a feature available in the Square 9 Professional Edition as an option or as part of the core product offering in the Corporate Edition. With it you can create and run more than one GlobalSearch database repository.

  1. On the GlobalSearch toolbar, click on the Administration (
    ) icon.

  2. In the vertical Administration menu, select Databases. A list of the GlobalSearch databases will appear. The default database is GetSmart.

  3. Click the Add (
    ) button to create a new database, if multi-database support is enabled.

  4. Enter a name (with no spaces) for the database in the New Database bar.

  5. For additional database settings, click Advanced.

  6. To change the database location from the default SQL server set at installation, choose one of the following:

    • Enter the database server path in the Server bar.

    • Click the Search (
      ) button and select from the list of database locations.

  7. Select Windows Authentication or SQL Authentication and enter your credentials as an administrator, if prompted.

  8. Click Save.


Considering Interoperability When Naming Databases

When naming a database, the name must have a maximum of 50 characters. Also, it is a good idea to avoid special characters (other than underscores or hyphens) or beginning the name with a numeral. By doing so, the database will better allow smooth interoperability with optional Square 9 modules such as GlobalForms, and with external systems such as line-of-business applications, should you want to implement an integration of this type.


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