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Performing Vendor Training / Retraining


When invoices are first seen by TransformAI, the Vendor Name captured is determined based on the invoice content. This may not match what you would like to tag the document with, in these cases, you can perform Vendor training to teach TransformAI the correct Vendor Name. You may also follow these instructions to retrain Vendors.

Performing Vendor Training

  1. From the GlobalCapture Batch Manager screen, click the “Invoices Processed” or the related search showing invoices in process.


  1. Right click the Invoice you would like to select to open and click “GlobalCapture” in the context menu to open the document in the GlobalCapture validation station.


  2. When the document opens, click the “Vendor Name” field.

  3. Alter the Vendor Name to match the correct Vendor Name.


  1. Click “Save”.


  2. Click “Learn Vendor” from the Save Menu.


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