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Manage Setup

Return to Work administrators are encouraged to tailor the setup for their business.  A number of options are available to make the system your own.  Click the Manage Setup button to enter the configuration page.

Setup Options

  • Provide a logo, in JPG or PNG format.  Files must be less than 500KB, but should be optimized to be as small as possible.  Since your forms will load on a variety of devices, many of which are assumed to be mobile on a cellular connection, it's important to minimize the amount of data sent to those devices.
  • Decide whether or not a waiver should be included in your process.  Waivers may be required for Visitors, Employees, or both.  Additionally, the waiver language may be different for Visitors and Employees.
  • Access Granted and Access Denied messaging tailored to the business should be provided.  This is the messaging users will see when the complete the form and submit it.  A customer may want to include specific instructions on how to proceed, or a phone number / email to reference in the event of denied entry.
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