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Manage Screening Questions

Return to Work Essentials ships with a common list of screening questions.  Both user facing forms, Visitor and Employee, include the same questions.  Questions for either of the forms may be altered.

Edit Questions

  1. Changes to questions requires direct editing of a form.  Forms with questions include Employee Screening and Visitor Screening.  In GlobalForms administration, find the form and click Edit.

  2. In the form designer, scroll roughly halfway down the form until you find the Questions Container.  This section is easy to find as it is marked with a large red info panel.

  3. All questions are implemented as Radio components, with Yes / No response options.  Customers may add new questions, change question text, and remove questions.  The following points should be noted:
    1. All questions are Yes/No Radio Components.
    2. At least one question is required.

  4. The easiest way to create additional questions is to clone an existing one.  Hover over an existing question and click the Clone button.

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