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Existing Database Specs

For customers looking to add Vendor Invoice Approval to an existing AP archive, using the following specifications for configuring in place changes to your setup.


In preparation, the following fields must be added to your Business Essentials Database.

Approval Status

  • In Process
  • Not Applicable
  • Pending Level 1
  • Pending Level 2
  • Approved
  • Rejected
  • Complete
  • On Hold
  • New

Create two lists named as outlined below containing the usernames/emails of anyone who will be approving documents.

Approver (First) and Approver (Second)


In preparation, the following fields must be added to your Business Essentials Database.

Field NameData TypeLengthPropertiesList Binding
Approval StatusCharacter50Read OnlyApproval Status
First ApproverCharacter255NoneApprover (First)
Second ApproverCharacter255NoneApprover (Second)
Current ApproverCharacter255Read Only

Adding Fields to the Archive

To support Invoice routing, add your newly created fields to your Accounts Payable archive. 

From the Administration interface:

  1. Select Archives
  2. Ensure your Database is Selected
  3. Click the More Options (
    ) icon to the right of the Accounts Payable archive and select Fields.
  4. Add the following fields to your archive in the order defined below:
    1. Approval Status
    2. First Approver
    3. Second Approver
    4. Current Approver

Search Creation

Lastly, you must create two searches to support your workflow.  For more information on how to create searches, consult this documentation.

Vendor Invoices Awaiting Approval Search

You'll need to create a Search to show Vendor Invoices which are Pending Action.

Vendor Invoices Awaiting Approval
Approval StatusEquals{Pending Level 1}
Approval StatusEquals{Pending Level 2}
Current ApproverContains{@USER}
Advanced Grouping: (1 or 2) and 3

GlobalAction Initator Search

This search will be used by GlobalAction to locate documents which need to be picked up.  As defined in the configuration below, GlobalAction will only pickup documents which have an Approver selected.

GlobalAction - Invoice Approval
First ApproverIs not Empty
Second ApproverIs not Empty
Approval StatusIs Empty
Approval StatusEquals{New}
AP Record TypeEquals{Vendor Invoice}
Advanced Grouping: (1 or 2) and (3 or 4) and 5

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