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3. Adding Approver Lists

For AP to properly tag users for approving documents, user's email addresses need to be added to lists that will be assigned to the Approver fields.

  1. Create a new list for managing Level 1 or First Approvers.

    1. In the GlobalSearch Administration page, select the Field Catalog (1), then choose the Lists tab (2).  Ensure the correct database (3) is selected.

    2. Click the Orange "Add" button in the bottom right of the screen to create a new List.

    3. In the List Editor, give the list a name (1) indicative of its purpose (First Level Approvers).  Then use the Add Value button (2) to add approver email addresses to the list.  When finished, click Save (3). 

  2. Create a new list for managing Level 2 or Second Approvers.  Follow the same sequence outline in step 1, this time providing details for Second Level Approvers.

  3. Assign the new lists for First and Second approvers to their respective fields.

    1. On the Fields Tab (1), find the First Approver Field, and click the ellipses icon (3) to access a menu.

    2. Click the Edit option to access the List's properties.

    3. At the bottom of the Field Properties Panel, click List Options.

    4. In the List Options Panel, choose Standard Pick List, and choose the FIrst Level Approvers list created in Step 1.

  4. Repeat step 3, specifying the Field and List for Second Level Approvers.
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