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What's New GlobalCapture 3.0

Feature highlights for the Spring 2023 release of GlobalCapture.


Administrators now define searches, similar to GlobalSearch in function, allowing accessibility to documents in process. Users will be able to actively operate against in-process content, making GlobalCapture more of an active dashboard. GlobalCapture can now replace GlobalForms dashboard, and makes sense to do so when the customer’s content might span document generation sources, and to give a more consistent and robust user experience.

  • Allow users to find a specific document in process that might need urgent attention. Documents can be easily located by and process specific or system data, like Vendor, Invoice Number, Employee Name, Date Captured, and Page Count.

  • Setup specific searches to give users a dashboard style experience:

    • Be able to see at a glance all documents assigned to you, or users that might report to you.

    • Report on processes exceeding time thresholds, page count limits, time in waiting states, etc.

    • Organize dashboard displays by workflow, without the need to manually filter specific workflows.

    • Easily build searches to reflect the work for today, yesterday, or the past 7 days.

  • Export results to CSV for sharing data with other applications, or further reporting, charting, etc.

  • Users may now implement approval processes directly within the capture flow.

    • The aforementioned dashboard functions allow users direct access to their own work at all times.

    • “Capture only” customers who might be releasing to more rudimentary document archive solutions without the full ECM / BPM capabilities offered by GlobalSearch can now capitalize on the power of GlobalCapture’s BPM.

    • Where is makes sense, processes involving coding / approval may be deployed as part of the capture process, versus post capture in GlobalAction.

In-browser Configuration Options

New options for configuring various settings for OCR, BCR, and email settings, improving the experience for all customers.

  • OCR: Interfaces are available to configure OCR extraction profiles. Quickly and easily create profiles and assign them to specific workflows. Additionally, “per zone” extraction profiles can deployed. For example, if a specific zone on a page requires a more aggressive OCR setting that might negatively impact other zones, those setting can be targeted at a specific field.

  • BCR: Barcode recognition settings may now be configured and assigned to specific workflows or zones, just as OCR is.

  • SMTP: The ability to configure SMTP settings, in product, allows customers and partners a vastly simpler approach. Customers have the ability to configure multiple SMTP gateways if their workflow / business process demands it.

  • Square 9 API Portals: Cloud customers now have access to Portals configuration. This will allow cloud capture customers to target premise GlobalSearch environments.

Process Management

GlobalCapture now supports multiple process collections, which can improve both performance and security in common capture scenarios. Additionally, more data is available related to processes and timing, improving the legibility of a given processes history.

  • Completed process may now be deleted automatically, or moved to different process collections.

  • Each collection can have it’s own security, and can also be used to improve overall performance by keeping active and working collections uncluttered.

  • Allow for better visibility into process steps and their timings.

  • Allow for updating a processes data in the batch management dashboard. Documents may still be updated from the viewer of course, but data edits can be made in the dashboard as well.

  • Allow for thumbnail viewing from the dashboard.

Other Notes

All Square 9 releases factor in lesser impact improvements and features. Those of note are documented here:

  • The GlobalCapture Scan client now shows users a filtered result. The list of workflows available is now controlled by securing users to specific Portals. Click the permissions button on a portal and add the user or group who should see the workflow in the Scan client’s workflow selector.

  • Handling of numerous date formats in step is significantly improved.

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