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GlobalCapture Version 2.3

GlobalCapture 2.3.0 offers numerous functional and performance improvements to the platform.  Any customer with an current GlobalCapture support agreement is entitled to upgrade to 2.3.0.  As of <date> version 2.3.0 is the default version for all new GlobalCapture deployments.  Customers wishing to upgrade can rest easy knowing that Square 9's support and service delivery teams have been installing and upgrading customers to version 2.3.0 for several months and the feedback has been astonishing.  A detailed list of resolved issues and improvements is outlined below.

Technical Details

Features warranting specific attention in this release:

  • GlobalForms Mapping - GlobalForms 10 forms are now mapped using an updated browser interface.
  • GlobalForms Snapshots - GlobalForms 10 now supports PDF snapshots.
  • Custom Nodes - Customers and Partners looking extend or customize GlobalCapture can now leverage Custom Nodes to deliver a seamless design and user experience.
  • Nodes Gallery - Square 9 has seeded the SDN with several new nodes to extend functionality.
  • PDF/A - New configuration options for PDF/A are available.
  • Multiple Import Node Support - Workflows can now contain more than 1 start / import node.

Also refer to these important changes related to version 2.3.

Resolved Issues

Issue IDSummary
10276Field formatting is not kept in emails when added via notation
8012Separate Node: do not allow decimal values in Page Count to be saved
11207Unable to do decimal notation operation if negative value of unformatted decimal is involved
11213Old processes that are GAUpConverted do not show any Batch History in Validation station
10862Pre- upgrade: unable to see and run old GA workflows, GAUpconverter utility is not run
4004Unable to perform operations on Notations values
11189Frevvo PDF Designer Test error: missing Square9.Imaging.eDoc.dll - HOTFIX
6732Global Capture: Date Notation increment is not performed, e.g. date={p_date}+1
11034Migration: wfe import fails if it references username with special char "@"
11007Migration: Empty GF submissions get migrated
6968Math operation on p_Notation DATE field yields wrong results
4251Global Analytics: Queue Durations only shows Nodes execution time
802Mapping: Add Delete option for web forms
4914Global Analytics: a duplicate queue node is displayed and named "-12"
11067Add support for custom page dimensions for WORD format conversions - HOTFIX
11107Migration: Administrator license is not enough for specific wfe, Designer is required
11103Delete the licenses using the engine's license credentials - HOTFIX
11076Mapping: Survey component submission data cannot be mapped
10994Drag and drop thumbs does not update the Viewer pages - Firefox specific
11003PDF Convert fails for email with tiff/tif attachment, Index was out of range
11031SetField Node: Pattern/word replacements fail as runtime validation is done too early
10251Engine: Convert node skips HTML, HTM, RTF, TXT, and CSV file types
11032SetField, SetProcessField: Decimal and Date field notations {f_...} fail to cast to masked format
10729Designer: After disabling 'Import to Child Archive', links from release node are not recognized as being present when saving
10970Designer: Unlinked Node error after 'Import to Automatically Generated Child Archive' is unchecked
10985Document Audit History only reports "Queue Entered" for the first queue the document hits
10281Engine: File specific - Abnormal size increase after processing -- Hotfix
9772Viewer/Template Designer: Fullscreen button does not work
10817Process execution time significantly increases post-registration
10899Allow multi page files to maintain PDF/A formats on release to file
10882Validation only users do not see validation count and cannot navigate batch grid pages - HOTFIX
10895Adding support for non-image attachment types in GlobalForms - HOTFIX
10897SetField, SetProcessField: Decimal and Date field notations {p_...} fail to cast to masked format - HOTFIX
10893Performance issues when product is registered with a lease license - HOTFIX
10898Portal caching setting for GlobalAction Engine - HOTFIX
10891License bypass fix for customers east of GMT - HOTFIX, HOTFIX
10896CSV import: ignore empty files and header files without entries - HOTFIX
8070Upgrade should stop if processing status batches exist
10894Address performance for large number of cores - HOTFIX
10892A highly populated feature set causes slow down for all calls once registered - HOTFIX
10815After document undergoes page separation, page count does not update for the new document/process created via separation - HOTFIX
10274Imported emails file content are missing the header information - HOTFIX
10876Scanned multi-page documents error at PDF Convert Node: Error during SubProcessing - HOTFIX
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