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Integrating With Capture

Beginning in version 2.3, GlobalCapture supports the concept of Custom Nodes.  For customers or partners looking to extend the capabilities of GlobalCapture or GlobalAction, Custom Nodes can be written to perform a specific task at any stage of a workflow process.  Many partners and customers leverage this capability, basing their integration off of examples found in Square 9’s GitHub repository.  Custom Nodes are not to be confused with the Call Assembly Node.  While conceptually similar, Custom Nodes offer a vastly improved experience.  For backwards compatibility, Call Assembly nodes remain supported in the product, but all new integrations should be through the Custom Node option.  Benefits of leveraging Custom Nodes include:

  1. Presenting Custom Nodes as an integrated part of the solution.  Custom nodes feel like part of the product.  They are added to an installation, versus being added to a workflow, and add a Node icon to the toolbox for easy integration into any workflow.

  2. Custom Nodes have built in settings.  Configuration of these node types is done in GlobalCapture, versus external configuration files.

  3. Custom Nodes are portable.  These nodes will travel with a workflow that has been exported / imported, or delivered through Square 9's Solution Delivery Network (SDN).

Custom Nodes can be imported from a local source allowing integration partners to reuse the development or to share it with other Square 9 resellers.  Nodes offered by Square 9 to extend core capture functionality are also available for immediate download through our Solution Delivery Network.

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