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Begin and End Nodes

Before a workflow can be published,  the process must include an Import Node to capture the documents required for the process. It must also be connected to at least one End Node which specifies the termination of a process. The beginning and ending Nodes are uniquely indicated by their round shapes. In between the Start and End Nodes, the administrator may insert whatever additional Nodes are required to achieve the  desired outcome of the capture process.

As of GlobalCapture version 2.3, any workflow may contain multiple "starting" import nodes.  Use multiple import nodes to minimize the number of workflows required when managing documents from multiple sources (Scan, Email, Form).  An import source is still required to be unique. 

  • If using multiple GlobalForms import nodes in the same workflow, each import node will count towards the number of licensed forms in production.  
  • If using multiple GlobalFroms import nodes, all forms in a single workflow must be sourced from the same Form Portal.

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