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Available Field Types

There are a number of options available to control user input in Capture QR.  While there is no specific need to use different field types, it may be helpful in certain indexing situations to control what the user's may enter.  A field type must be set for each field.


The Text Field Type is the default option and can be used to accept any form of data entry.  Note that Text fields may contain a maximum length of 50 characters.  A character limit is necessary to control the size of the barcodes generated on the printed form.  While GlobalForms can easily handle fields and generate barcodes with larger data limits, the specific use case in Capture QR requires the input be controlled.  If you need larger input options, contact your Square 9 Authorized Dealer to learn more.


The Number Field Type controls input to numeric data only, up to 999,999,999.  Number supports both Integer and Decimal data, with no limit on precision for decimal values (precision represents the number of values after the decimal).  This Field Type blocks completely the entry of data beyond numeric values, and non-numeric data will be stripped from any values when pasted into the field (for example, pasting in $1,239.73 will result in a value of 1239.73.


The Date Field Type supports both keyboard and date picker data entry of US formatted dates with 4 digit years (MM/DD/YYYY).

Standard List

Use Standard Lists to control data entry to a predefined list of values.  One might use lists to store departments/cost centers, vendors, customers, etc. and restrict input exclusively to those values.  When lists will be a part of the indexing strategy, you must create the list before attempting to add it to an indexing form.

Parent List and Child List

Parent and Child Field Types are used to control input with a special type of input that relates one list (a Child List) to a value selected in a Parent List.  Parent and Child Lists are an advanced topic, separately documented here.

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