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One of the most effective means for users to capture documents is through the use of barcode cover sheets. This time proven technology is extremely reliable and provides an easily adopted capture methodology that requires no product expertise or technical knowledge. Most importantly it is the least disruptive means for adopting a digital transformation strategy within your organization.  Using cover sheet scanning, users perform the following steps:

  1. Perform data entry in a cover sheet form.
  2. Print the cover sheet.
  3. Place the coversheet on top of the document to be scanned.
  4. Users can optionally continue repeating steps 1 - 3 to create a larger document package that can be scanned together.
  5. Using a desktop scanner, network scanner, or multi-function device, scan the document(s).

Once scanned, documents will be automatically indexed, filed, and routed.

Square 9 Softworks provides a free online service to users of our products that allows them to use both custom and pre-designed cover sheets through use of Capture QR.  This service, which is built on Square 9's GlobalForms platform, allows users to pre-index documents by creating a scan cover page with document filing information represented by convenient QR Codes. With Capture QR, anyone can easily design a cover sheet in minutes that can be used to digitize, classify and index a document through any standard multifunctional printer (MFP) or desktop scanner.

Free access to Capture QR requires that your organization be a registered user of GlobalCapture Convey Plus or the GlobalCapture Enterprise Server and maintain an active support agreement.

Cover Sheets For Business Essentials

Capture QR supports cover sheets for all Business Essentials users out of the box, and without any account creation necessary.  Note that if the stock lists in Business Essentials have been modified, you will need to create an account and tailor the coversheets to your specific needs.  Bookmark the links below to enable quick access to Business Essentials indexing.  For demonstration purposes, links to a scanned file package in PDF format is also provided that includes both the cover sheet and various demo files. 

Accounts Payable Coversheet - Use this web form to create a cover sheet to be placed on top of documents that are indexed to Accounts Payable.  Click here to download an example file that includes sample coversheets and a variety of AP document types.

Accounts Receivable Coversheet - Use this web form to create a cover sheet to be placed on top of documents that are indexed to Accounts Receivable.  Click here to download an example file that includes sample coversheets and a variety of AP document types.

Contracts Coversheet - Use this web form to create a cover sheet to be placed on top of documents that are indexed to Contracts.  Click here to download an example file that includes a sample coversheet and an executed contract.

Human Resources Coversheet  - Use this web form to create a cover sheet to be placed on top of documents that are indexed to Human Resources.  Click here to download an example file that includes sample coversheets and a variety of AP document types.

All of the Business Essentials cover sheets include a separator barcode in the top right of the printed page. 

Cover Sheet Workflows For Business Essentials

The corresponding GlobalCapture workflows for each cover sheet include the ability to separate multiple documents before the indexing process.  They also handle operator error out of the box by accounting for when the coversheet is scanned up-side down.

GlobalCapture Workflows

Import workflows from the GlobalCapture administrative management page. Select Migration to import new workflows into your environment. Refer to the Transporting Workflows documentation for more information.

Accounts Payable Workflow

Accounts Receivable Workflow

Contracts Workflow

Human Resources Workflow

All four of the standard workflows share the same basic layout and flow, as outlined here:

  1. Documents are imported from a file share accessible to the GlobalCapture server.
  2. Documents are split apart, when more than one document is scanned in the batch.
  3. The barcodes from each document in the batch are read and used to tag the document with meta-data.
  4. The barcode cover sheet is deleted as it is no longer needed in this use case.
  5. The documents are released, in this case to GlobalSearch.
  6. The workflow ends.

Common Use Cases

While there are an infinite number of use cases for digital transformation through the use of Barcode Cover sheets, below are two of the most common; Vendor Invoice Capture and Employee Records Capture.

Vendor Invoice Capture

Virtually every organization has bills to pay with new Vendor Invoices arriving daily. While some organizations have centralized their accounts payable operations with invoices sent to a lockbox for processing, most still have their invoices sent to the manager who issued the Purchase Order. How those invoices get from the various departments to the Accounts Payable department in a secure, reliable and fully indexed manner can be easily achieved with GlobalCapture and Capture QR.

  1. The manager in receipt of the invoice navigates to the QR Capture web site which they have bookmarked in their browser.
  2. The manager completes the web form for Vendor Invoice Capture by entering the Vendor Name, Invoice Date, Invoice Number, Purchase Order Number and Amount.
  3. The cover sheet is printed and placed on the Vendor Invoice, the Manager presses the Scan to Folder button on their MFP and then the Start Button.
  4. Seconds later, the Vendor Invoice arrives in the ECM repository for Accounts Payable fully indexed and ready for processing.

Benefits Review

  • Eliminates any mishandling of vendor invoice which may be lost or misplaced on in an employees workspace
  • Erases delays in the payment process which further contribute to the total cost of Invoice processing through potential late fees or lost discounts for prompt payment.
  • Optionally, the Accounts Payable Department can further reduce downstream costs with automated routing and notifications or reminders for any users involved with the invoice approval process.

Human Resources Document Capture

Capture QR is an extremely effective tool for capturing all types of Human Resources records. During the onboarding process, the Human Resources manager can use cover sheets to quickly scan, separate, classify and file each record within the new hire paperwork including the W4, State W4, Federal I9, Emergency Notification, Direct Deposit  form and many more. Individual managers can also use quickly capture and file ongoing paperwork in a secure, HIPAA compliant process. These records include annual performance reviews, disciplinary actions, change of beneficiary or contact change forms. 

  1. The department manager completes a performance review, disciplinary review or other form being added to the employee file.

  2. The manger logs into Capture QR and completes the Human Resources Capture Cover Sheet by entering the employee name, department, document date and selecting the  document category and type.

  3. The cover sheet is printed and placed on the document. Using the scan to folder feature on the MFP, the document is scanned into the Human Resources file.

  4. The Manager reviews the digital file, then places the scanned document into the secure shredding bin for immediate destruction

  5. The Employee Review is now available in the the ECM solution as part of the employee’s Human Resources records.

Benefits Review

  • A simple scanning process for achieving your digital transformation objectives that requires no knowledge of GlobalCapture or GlobalSearch

  • Provides a secure and HIPAA compliant process for managing sensitive employee information

  • Adheres to SOC/HIPAA clean desk policies that ensure sensitive information is not left accessible for view by unauthorized personnel.

Capture QR Sign Up - New users start here

Capture QR Login - If you already have an account, login here

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