GlobalCapture and GlobalAction workflows can send out email notifications linking a document to the notified user. However, by default, this link uses the server name in its address. In some instances, for security purposes, it may be desirable for the user to receive a URL using the IP address, or in the case of users accessing documents externally, using the FQDN. Some simple changes to the configuration files on the server can be made to customize the address you're sending out.

Step-by-step guide

The API Address will need to be changed in the following two places - one configuration file for document links for GlobalAction Workflows, and one for GlobalCapture Workflows.

  1. <YOURDRIVE>:\GetSmart\ActionServices\GlobalAction_YOURENGINE\Square9.GlobalAction.exe.config **This is the path if you have installed GlobalCapture 2.2 or later. In versions Prior to GlobalCapture 2.2,  the path is <YOURDRIVE>:\GetSmart\Square9.GlobalAction.exe.config**
  2. <YOURDRIVE>:\GetSmart\CaptureServices\GlobalCapture_YOURENGINE\Square9.GlobalCapture.exe.config
  3. For 2.4.x This is no longer located in this file. The link value is located in the Square9API batch portal.

Change the "Square9Api" Key URL to use the desired address (Either server name, IP or FQDN)

Save the configuration files and restart GlobalAction and/or GlobalCapture Windows services.

Be sure to include a valid port in the API URL