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Version Control Documents

Versioning, or Version Control, enables the system to automatically save and track all Document, Data, and Annotation changes. 

Important Note on Versioning

Versioning is a feature the must be enabled when an Archive is first created.  Existing Archives can not be retroactively version controlled. 

In a Versioning-enabled Archive, each time edits of any kind are saved to a document, the previous document state is preserved and a new version is created.  The latest version of a record displays in the Search Results Grid View, with a Document column to indicate what version number the current document is on. Previous versions can be restricted or can be made accessible, depending on organizational preference.

  1. To create a new version of a document in a Versioning-enabled Archive, simply make any edits and save the document.  Remember there are many ways to make changes to a document either directly in the Document Viewer or in a file's Native Application (for example Microsoft Word, or Adobe Acrobat) using File XChange.

  2. To view previous versions of a document (assuming the proper permissions have been applied), open the document and click on the Revisions menu item. 

  1. In the list of document versions that appears, choose the version you would like to view.

  2. If you have the proper permissions, you may roll back to a specific version of a document by deleting any later versions on file. Alternately, you could access the previous version and perform a replace operation.  In this way you would preserve the document history, and still be able to "revert" to a specific version.
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