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Upgrade to GlobalSearch 5.0

When you upgrade to GlobalSearch 5.0, you will immediately notice changes within the newly re-designed viewer interface. Building on the new design introduced in GlobalSearch 4.5, we have completely reengineered the viewer to incorporate new feature, enhanced functionality and increased performance. There is a sleek new interface that feature new options for image enhancement, expanded annotation options and an enhanced audit trail display. With these changes also comes the ability to now re-order pages through drag and drop of the thumbnails and insert, replace and delete pages, also performed through thumbnail edits. 

The ability to open, view and navigate between documents in a single browser tab was a high requested feature that enhanced system performance greatly for individuals working with multiple records. Additional features like support for dragging and dropping emails from Microsoft Outlook into the web viewer and support for email attachment viewing were also highly anticipated feature included in GlobalSearch 5.0. With the upgrade to the .NET 4.72 framework, GlobalSearch also now supports the TSL  security protocol that more and more organizations are relying on. It should also be noted that the file size limitation of 4MB has been lifted with the maximum now set at the highest recommended value of 2GB per record.

GlobalSearch 5.0 is an exciting upgrade both for existing and new members of our user community who rely on GlobalSearch to work more effectively with their business content. 

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