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KeyFree Indexing

Use KeyFree Indexing to rapidly extract high-value data from your documents with just a few clicks of your mouse. Just click on any text on the document and KeyFree Indexing uses OCR technology to pull the data from the document image and place it in your Index Fields.

KeyFree Indexing is ideal in low-to-moderate volume capture applications, especially where unstructured document are common. Examples include lower volume Sales Order processes and Accounts Payable applications. Typical use cases for KeyFree Indexing include situations where there are:

  • Volumes of 50-100 documents per indexer per day
  • Unstructured documents where data is randomly located on the document
  • Documents with Table Data like the items, quantities and descriptions on an order or invoice.
  • Documents with type written data (KeyFree Indexing does not work on handwritten documents)
  • Vendor invoices, packing slips, orders, contracts (can be any format, not just scanned files) 

Note that GlobalCapture, with its advanced semi and unstructured extraction capabilities may offer you a faster, more automated process depending on your individual needs Please refer to your administrator  or Authorized Square 9 Reseller for more information on automating capture through GlobalCapture Workflows.

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