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Enter Search Criteria

The search criteria used for a Search determines the results in the Document List. That criteria could be very broad (to return all documents) or very specific (to return only invoices over 60 days and $5,000). Criteria could be set for you already by an administrator (a Static Search), or you could choose what indexing data to search for (a Variable Search). Searches are likely to be run on the Archive which you have selected, but they can be configured to search across multiple Archives as well.

Accessing Searches

Search from Queues Pane

An administrator can assign Searches to your Queues Pane. This is where the Searches you need to access quickly or often can be accessed. Just select a Search from the list to run it.  Searches accessed from the Queues Pane do not prompt for any criteria.

Search from Archives Pane

The Archive Pane has many Searches options, which can be tailored for your searching needs. Each Archive in the Pane can have one or more Searches and each Search will look through the indexing data for one or more Index Fields. Archives could have Default Searches and other Static Searches that are easy to run and Variable Searches that have a great deal of flexibility to filter your documents exactly how you need them.

Search from Document Viewer

When you are working with a document it is common to need to reference similar or related documents. From the Document Viewer toolbar, click the ellipses at the far right of the toolbar to expose available document actions and select Related Searches. From the drop-down list of available Searches, select a Search. The Search will automatically populate values from the document that you have opened in the Viewer. To return to your original document in the Document Viewer after viewing a searched document, click your web browser Back button.

Search from Search Results Documents Menu Bar

If you need to run the Search again with different criteria, from the Search Results Pane, click Refine Search (

) on the Documents Menu Bar and the Searches dialog will appear for the Search.

Search for Documents

Your most common Searches can be configured to run quickly and easily using either some keywords (a Variable Search) or none at all (a Static Search). When you run a Variable Search, you will be prompted to enter searching keywords to filter your results. You can choose to enter indexing data for none, one, or multiple Index Fields in the Search interface. When you run a Static Search, your GlobalSearch administrator has already entered any search keywords for you; all you have to do is select the Search and it will run.

Run Default Searches

Most archives are configured with a Default Search. This is a Search that runs automatically when you simply select an Archive.

For a Default Search to run, an administrator must assign a Default Search to the Archive. Once assigned, Automatically run default search when clicking archive must be enabled in your User Settings.  This is defaulted to on for Users.  A user would need to specifically turn this feature off if they didn't want to see the default search result when one is specified.

Manually Run Searches

Other Searches assigned to Archives do not run automatically. Instead, the Search interface will open so that you enter your specific search terms. You can enter your search criteria in one or more fields, or you can leave them all blank and run the Search. Refer to the Understanding Search Conditions page for more information on choosing Search values to get optimum results.

  1. To select from the available Searches for an Archive, place your mouse pointer over the Archive. When the Search (

    ) icon appears, click it.


  2. in the Archives Searches dialog, select a Search from the list. Note that only Searches the user has been granted permissions will appear in the list. Click Cancel if you do not want to run a Search.

  3. If you select a Static Search, at the prompt, click Run Search. it will run without further input.

  4. If you select a Variable Search, in the Searches dialog that appears, either enter no values (to return all), or enter one or more values (to filter your results down to a more specific list of documents). The prompt for a Search value should indicate what type is needed (like "Customer Name" or "Date of Delivery"). If you enter the wrong type (like "$1,00" for the "Vendor Address" Field), you will see a message asking for the correct Data Type.

    Note that after you have run a Search, the Documents Menu Bar appears. You can click Refine Search to bring up the Searches dialog, if you would like to change the criteria for your chosen Search.

  5. If the Search has a Pick List Field, do one of the following:

    • If the Search has a standard Pick List Field, click on the Field to expand the drop-down list and select the value you wish to use in your Search.

    • If the Search has a type-ahead Pick List Field, you can enter the entire keyword or phrase, but you do not have to. Just type the first letter or so and, when the Pick List appears, select the value.


  6. Click Run Search to show the search results, choose Cancel to close the dialog without running a Search, or click the Back (left arrow) icon to return to the list of Searches.

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