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Validating Documents & Batches

When a document is routed to the green Validate node, it requires user interaction to continue processing.  In order for the user to access the document, they will need to open the GlobalCapture Batch Manager.

On the GlobalCapture main screen, the very first button from the left is the link to the Batch Manager.  If any documents require validation, the yellow callout will indicate the number of documents awaiting validation.

Upon entering the Batch Manager, a list of all batches is displayed.  Batches in green have successfully completed processing, batches in yellow require validation and batches in red have encountered an error.  Batches that are still in process are colored blue.

Using filtering, you can control the batches that are displayed when accessing the batch manager.  Typing a workflow name into the “Filter Workflow” box will only show workflows that contain the naming convention entered.  Used the advanced option for more detailed filtering by Process ID, date, or status. If you’re only interested in seeing batches in a Validation state, highlight only the yellow queued/validation icon in the top right.

Right click on an entry and select validate to open the Validation station.  Selecting batch will open all documents in the batch while selecting process will only open the highlighted entry.  You can also check individual entries, or all items from the list and choose GlobalCapture under Validation from the Batch Actions menu.

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