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Image Cleanup Node

Image Cleanup Node

The Image Cleanup Node can enhance the image quality of a TIF or PDF file automatically, including the ability to deskew, despeckle, rotate, and crop images as they are being captured. This Node is useful when documents have been imported with pages scanned askew, or where there may have been dust on the scanner or the paper, which may cause less accurate OCR results.

Image Cleanup Node Settings dialog.

  1. Drag the Image Cleanup Node from the Nodes Pane to the Design Canvas.

  2. In the Image Cleanup Node Settings dialog that appears, enter a unique name and a description for the Node.

  3. In the Page Options group, choose from the list of options to perform on inbound images:

    • Color Dropout – Use to convert a color or grayscale image to black and white.

    • Remove Noise – Use to reduce chroma and luminance noise in an image.

    • Despeckle – Use to reduce banding or visual noise often appears in a scanned image.

    • Crop Black – Use to remove black borders around an image.

    • Crop White – Use to remove white borders around an image.

    • Deskew – Use to straighten a skewed image.

    • Rotate – Use to automatically rotate an image. Leave the default setting of 0° or select to rotate by 90°, 180°, or 270°.  Note that all pages of all documents that pass through a node with Rotate enabled will be rotated that number of degrees.  There is no optional rotation based on text orientation with this node.  Consider using the Convert Node (if licensed) to conditionally rotate pages depending on text orientation on the page.

  4. Click Save.

Use Multiple Cores in High Volume Situations

Image Cleanup Node is a multi-threaded feature. If you have many pages in your documents or many people scanning simultaneously, then add more Core licenses to speed up the process.

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