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Group Node

Group Node

In the same way you might gather files into a folder, you can use Group Nodes to gather Nodes and Connections that are part of your Workflow. Drag a portion of the Workflow into a Group Node and then move it around the Design Canvas as a single Node. You can collapse the Node to the size of a regular Node or expand it to see all of the Nodes within it. Grouping together Nodes does not affect the Workflow process, but it can greatly simplifies the Design Canvas when you are working on complex Workflows.

You can create as many Group Nodes as you need and put as many Nodes in them as you wish, but a Group Node cannot be nested in another Group Node.

  1. Drag a Group Data Node from the Nodes Pane to the Design Canvas.

  2. In the Group Node Settings dialog that appears, enter a unique name and a description for the Node.

    Group Node Settings dialog.

  3. Click Save.

  4. When you create a Group Node and drag it onto the Design Canvas its title appears over the Node with an Expand button to the left of the title. You can move it around the Design Canvas like other Nodes.

    Group Node on the Design Canvas.

  5. Drag other Nodes into the Group Node. The Node will turn from gray to green to indicate that a Node has been added.

  6. The Group Node will expand as other Nodes are dragged in and moved around within it. You can create Connections between Nodes that are inside and are outside of the Group Node.

    Workflow Including Expanded Group Node

  7. Once you have configured the Nodes in the Group Node, you can contract it to the size of a standard Node or expand it again to see the Nodes and Connections it contains.


Workflow Including Collapsed Group Node

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