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Deleting Pages

The Delete node is noticeably absent from CTS deployments of GlobalCapture.  Customers seeking to delete a page, range of pages, or an entire document should instead leverage the Delete Page Range Node to achieve like functionality.  

Using Delete Page Range

This Node has several advantages over the Traditional Delete node.  Specifically, this node allows for deletion of specific pages and ranges of pages.  Customers may also leverage Notation in the Node's Pages property to delete variable pages identified elsewhere in the workflow.

Delete All Pages

Release Nodes in GlobalCapture include an option to delete a document after release.  There may be cases where deletion is desired without release however, like in a validation step where the validation user has decided the document as a whole should be discarded.  It's important to include a Delete All Pages step in this case to make sure document pages are not left cluttering the system.

Delete all pages using the Node requires 2 fields:

  1. A System Field that tracks the Page Count of a document.
  2. A Character Field used to construct the page range to delete.

Prior to attempting the delete step, use a Set Process Field node to set the Character Field described above to the complete range of pages from the document.  In this example, the page count System Field is "Page Count" and the range Character Field is "Pages To Delete".

With "Pages To Delete" now set to the entire range of pages that represent the document, the Character Field may be referenced by the Node:

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