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Delete Pages Node

Delete Pages Node

Delete Pages is used to remove blank pages, barcode pages, or entire documents from a process.

Delete Pages Node Settings dialog.

  1. Drag the Delete Pages Node from the Nodes Pane to the Design Canvas.

  2. In the Delete Pages Node Settings dialog that appears, enter a unique name and a description for the Node.

Delete Blank Pages

Note that you do not need to use blank page deletion to delete separator pages if you are using blank page separation.  Blank pages are automatically deleted by the Separate Node when document separation is performed.

  1. Select Blank Page to remove blank pages from a document.

    The Delete Pages Node Settings dialog box with Deletion Type Blank Page selected.

  2. To increase the threshold of sensitivity for determining if a page is blank or not, move the Blank Threshold slider to the right. To decrease the threshold, move the slider to the left.
    When you select the slider, a percentage indicator will appear. The default setting is 99 percent. As with the Separate Node, 85 to 99 percent are recommended settings.

  3. To enable temporary color dropout while deleting pages, enable Force Black and White Detection.  “Blank” pages may contain specks, watermarks, or other artifacts which may cause a false reading when detecting blank pages. The Force Black and White Detection setting gives you greater control when assessing which pages to separate or delete by temporarily performing a color dropout while processing the image in the Node. This image conversion only occurs for the duration of time documents spend in this step in the Workflow processing and then the image returns to its original image formatting.

  4. Click Save.

Delete Pages with Barcodes

Unlinke blank page deletion, barcode separation will not automatically delete separators.  You will need to add a barcode deletion step if you do not wish to maintain barcode pages in your documents.

  1. To delete pages with barcodes from a document, select Barcode Recognition.

    Delete Pages Node Settings dialog with Deletion Type Barcode Recognition selected.

  2. In the contextual settings that appear, select a barcode setting from the list in the Barcode Formats group. The default setting is Code 39.

  3. From the Orientation group, select the Left to Right, Top to Bottom, Right to Left, or Bottom to Top barcode orientation. The default orientation is Left to Right.

  4. To increase the threshold percentage for determining the presence of a barcode, move the Scan Sensitivity slider to the right for more sensitivity and to the left for less sensitivity.
    When you select the slider, a level indicator will appear. The default level of 5 is sufficient for most applications but may be adjusted to optimize results for your specific application. Level 1 is the most sensitive and level 10 the least sensitive.

  5. To set a custom prefix for recognizing your barcodes, enable Detect Prefix and enter a prefix in the Prefix text box.
    This is useful if there are other barcodes on the documents. Document separation will only occur on records containing a barcode with your custom prefix.

  6. Enable Enhance Document Prior to Recognition if document images need enhancing before scanning the barcode.

  7. Click Save.

Delete All Pages

Use Delete All Pages to purge documents from your capture processes.  It's important to ensure a delete step is part of any production workflow or documents will continue to collect and consume disk space indefinitely.  Release Nodes that release documents to GlobalSearch include the ability to purge documents, so a Delete Node may not be required if you are releasing to GlobalSearch.

  1. Enable Delete All Pages to delete files from the GlobalCapture system, thus freeing up disk space on your machine.

  2. Click Save.

    Delete Pages Node Settings dialog with Deletion Type Delete All Pages selected.
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