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Data Lookup Node

Data Lookup Node

Use the Data Lookup Node to map data from a SQL Server® data source into a Workflow for real-time data lookup in the capture process and avoid the need for custom SQL scripts.  When you use this Node, it is possible to extract data from an invoice and backfill additional details (vendor name, etc.) that already exists somewhere else (possibly even from documents that have previously been indexed to the target data source).

Using a connection string to a SQL Server data source, you can map a lookup table to the GlobalCapture Workflow. You can specify the Process Fields used to map data from the data source. Any columns that have data will be used in a look up from the data source and backfill the other columns that you have mapped. Note that this works with regular Fields, not with Multi-Value Fields or Table Fields.

You can set the amount of “confidence” you have in the accuracy of the data in the Process Field. By default, data in all Fields have a confidence level setting of zero. When you manually enter or validate Field data in the Validation Station, then that Field will be assign 100 percent confidence in its accuracy. When the Data Lookup Node is executed, any Fields with confidence greater than the threshold that you have set for the Trusted Confidence level will be used to look up data in the data source. For example, if you create a Template that extracts an invoice number at a high level of confidence and has Fields for PO Number, Invoice Date, and Invoice Amount as well, you can create a lookup that will pull the data for those other Fields exclusively from your accounting system. Also, when designing a Workflow, keep in mind that Field values are assigned 100% confidence when they are set with the Set Process Field Node or Validate Node.

Data Lookup Node Settings dialog.

  1. Drag the Data Lookup Node from the Nodes Pane to the Design Canvas.

  2. In the Data Lookup Node Settings dialog, enter a unique name and a description for the Node.

  3. Enter a connection string.
    The service account running the capture service will require access to the database unless you have provided credentials in the connection string.

  4. To adjust the level of confidence in the accuracy of Process Field data used for the data lookup, move the Trusted Confidence slider to the right for more confidence and to the left for less confidence. The default threshold of acceptability is 75 percent.

  5. Enter the name of the lookup table.

  6. The Data Validation checkbox is enabled by default to enforce Data Type or Length settings for Fields. If it is unchecked and there the data is of invalid Data Type or Length, the batch will error in the Batch Manager, but the Node will still extract data and populate a Field. Errors will stack for every Field for which there is a data-settings mismatch. For more information, see the Data Validation page.

  7. To specify the Process Field, select a property from the Process Field drop-down list.

  8. To specify the column from the lookup table which will be mapped to the Field, in the Field Mapping group, enter a column name. Click the Add (+) button to map additional columns and then enter the additional column name. Select a column and click the Delete (X) button to remove it.

  9. Click Save.
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