The Positional Zone is used to extract data from a fixed position on a document. Position is calculated in pixels. For consistent results, sample documents must be captured with consistent image resolutions.  That resolution must be consistent for all documents captured.

A Positional Zone can be set as a child of a Marker Zone, where the position is always relative to specific data. For example, find the Marker “Date” then look in the Positional Zone for the data to extract. Do this by creating the parent Zone first, then the child. Assign the child Zone to the parent by selecting it from the Parent drop-down list.

The Zone Search Region which you have selected is indicated by a light blue box on the document image and within that box another box indicates the data within the Search Region which is extracted.

  1. In the Properties Pane, enter a name for the new Zone.

  2. From the Type drop-down list, select Positional.

  3. Click the Locator () icon. Your mouse pointer will change to a Move cursor. Drag your mouse cursor around the selected data extraction Search Region on the sample document to create a Search Region for the Zone. The area should encompass the entire data available on all sample documents. Draw a Search Region large enough to accommodate variations in data length on different documents (for example, a very long company name) or for shifting during scanning.

    The exact position of the Zone is indicated in the Position group in the Properties Pane, which are the coordinates set by pixels from the top-left corner of the document image.

  4. Optionally, additional Zone properties can be configured.

  5. Click the Apply () icon.

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Additional Zone Properties

Field Zone Properties

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General Zone Properties

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Limits Zone Properties

Use the Dynamic Line Extraction property for variable-height line extraction. This checkbox is contextual and only appears when a Positional Zone is assigned a repeating Directional Zone as a parent Zone. It is used most often for extracting repeating rows of table data where the number of lines of text in the row might vary (such as the description field of a line-item invoice where the text may wrap to multiple lines).

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Barcode Zone Property

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