A Data Lookup Zone is extremely useful if you need to match your capture data to data in an existing source. For example, you can check to see if a purchase order number in your accounting system can be found on the document being classified.

The Zone is configured with a connection string to a SQL Server data source, as well as the table in that source, and the column where your data resides. GlobalCapture will go through every row in the indicated column, to match a value found in the designated Search Region of the document, and extract it from the table. 

  1. In the Properties Pane, enter a name for the new Zone.

  2. From the Type drop-down list, select Data Lookup.

  3. To choose the portal which determines which Fields to extract the data to, in the Field group, choose a portal from the Portal list and then choose one of the following:

    • Standalone GlobalCapture – If the selected portal is a standalone GlobalCapture portal, choose the Process Field into which the extracted data will be placed.

    • GlobalCapture with GlobalSearch – If the selected portal is a Square 9 API portal, choose a database from the Database drop-down list and then from the Field drop-down list, choose an Index Field in that database into which the extracted data will be places.

  4. in the Data Lookup group, enter the connection string for the SQL Server data source.

  5. Enter the name of the selected table in the data source.

  6. Enter the name of the selected column in the table.

  7. To designate a Search Region of the page to search for a match, click the Locator () icon, and then use your mouse to drag a Search Region box over the area to be searched.

  8. Optionally, additional Zone Properties can be configured.

  9. Click the Apply () icon.

    Data Lookup ZoneData Source for Data Lookup Zone

Additional Zone Properties

Parent Zone Property

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Field Zone Properties

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General Zone Properties

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Position Zone Properties

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Limits Zone Properties

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Barcode Zone Property

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Additional Information

For information on creating connection strings, refer to connectionstrings.com.