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Portal Management

Portals are centralized entry points to your Square 9 software. Batch Portals are used to organize how users access Workflows for security and ease of management. You must be a member of the Square 9 Administrators (members of the ssAdmin group) to configure Portals. Users must be granted permissions to a Portal and by default when they are created, security is set for no secured users or groups.

There are three types of Square 9 Portals, which are created, modified, and deleted in a similar way:

  • Batch Portal – Use Batch Portals to organize and secure Batches of documents in GlobalCapture or GlobalAction.
  • AnalyticsPortal – Use Analytics Portals in GlobalAction to organize and secure Workflow metrics in GlobalAnalytics.
  • Square9 API Portal – If GlobalCapture is installed with GlobalSearch, a default S9API is created and with it the Square9 API Portal. If you have multiple instances of GlobalCapture, create multiple Square9 API Portals. You can configure Import and Release Nodes in Workflows to work with these different Portals. Users who are assigned to a Portal should carry full access rights to GlobalSearch or it will limit the functionality of this Portal.

Use Portals to Organize and Secure

Creating a new Portal is an excellent way to secure Workflows and Batches to a particular user or group. For example a Portal specifically for a Human Resources department.

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