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GetProcessesByProperty Method

Queries the MongoDB database for a list of Processes that satisfy a property match.

public List<Process> GetProcessesByProperty(string propertyName, string propertyValue, PropertyComparator condition)

Classes: Database


string propertyName

Name of the property to match.

string propertyValue

Value of the property to match.

PropertyComparator comparator

PropertyComparator to use for the property value comparison.



List of process objects.


The following example demonstrates getting a list of processes based on a specific property value. The query targets all processes that contain the property "Company Name", and with a specific property value of "Square 9 Softworks".

var processes = Database.GetProcessesByProperty("Company Name", "Square 9 Softworks", PropertyComparator.Equals);


The PropertyComparator enum enables a variety of different logical comparisons between property values.

If the parameters result in zero Processes found, an empty list will be returned.

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