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View Archive History

The Archive History panel shows the history of all documents in an Archive, with each action taken displayed as an entry in the list. The entries are presented in one or more pages, sorted from most recent changes to oldest. If you have more than one page of results, use the page carousel at the bottom of the Archive History pane to navigate through the results. Each entity in the list displays an action icon, the username of the person who performed the action, the date/time that the action was performed, and the Document ID number. If you need to need to focus on only certain types of actions, you can click the icon for one or more entities to toggle the filter on or off for that type of action. These are contextual; each action type has its own icon.

Note that using the Archive History filter requires View History permissions.

View the History of Actions Taken on Documents in an Archive

  1. To view a history of actions taken on documents, select an Archive that has a Default Search defined or run a Search on an Archive you have permissions to.

  2. Click the Archive History (
    ) icon, found to the right of the Document List.

  3. If you click on a specific History entry in the list, the display of that entry will toggle from icon based to text based.

  4. Click the Close (X) icon to close the Archive History Filter menu when you are done.

Filter Archive History

Depending on your use case, the history of a given Archive may be significant. To filter to a shorter, more focused list of actions, you can type text to filter by or choose one or more action types to filter them out of the list. Note that the history displayed may not directly correspond to the document records currently in view and the filtering only applies to the current page of History.

Archive History Panel

Using the Archive History Filter

Directly beneath the title bar of the Archive History panel, the Archive History Filter text box is available for free-form text entry. Use this text box to filter by any text appearing in the history. This might include the Action (Document Exported), the user performing the action, a Document's ID (ID: 20), or a date (Aug 6).  Results filtered using this option are limited to the current page of history displayed. You can alter the page length displayed on the Search Tab of your User Settings. The Archive History Filter may be used in conjunction with the Document History toolbar described below.

Using the Document History Toolbar

The toolbar provides a visual way to quickly filter down document history. Click on one or more action icons in the Document History toolbar to the right. (The icon will be grayed out to let you know that it is being filtered out of your results.) Use the Up and Down arrows to scroll through the list of available actions. Actions include:

  • Export History (
    ) – Click to export the entire history of the selected document to a CSV file. Use this to retain a history log for documents in a spreadsheet, for example. The file will include the following fields:

    • DatabaseID – Identifies the database the document resides in.

    • DocumentID – Identifies the current document ID number.

    • ArchiveID – Identifies the Archives that the document currently resides in.

    • OldDocID – Identifies past document ID numbers for the document.

    • OldArchiveID – Identifies past Archive ID numbers that the document once lived in.

  • Refresh (

    )  – Click to refresh the list of History actions after changing filter settings.

  • Filter All On (
     Click to remove all filters set for the list. (No filters applied is the default setting.)

  • (
    ) – Click to apply all filters to the list of entities.

  • Annotations (

    – Click to filter out steps where annotations have been added, edited, or subtracted on documents.

  • Appended (+– Click to filter out steps where documents have been appended.

  • Check-in/Check-out (

    ) – Click to filter out steps where documents have been checked in or checked out.

  • Converted (

    – Click to filter steps where documents have been converted to the PDF file format.

  • Copied (

    – Click to filter out steps where documents have been copied.

  • Deleted (

    –  Click to filter out steps where documents have been deleted.

  • Email (

    ) – Click to filter out steps where documents have been emailed.

  • Exported (

    ) – Click to filter out steps where documents have been exported.

  • Indexed (

    ) – Click to filter out steps where documents have been indexed.

  • Moved (

    ) – Click to filter out steps where documents have been moved from an Inbox or Archive.

  • Printed (

    ) – Click to filter out steps where documents have been printed. 

  • Published/Unpublished (

    – Click to filter out steps where documents that have been published or unpublished.

  • Replaced/Updated (

    ) – Click to filter out steps where documents have been replaced or updated.

  • Viewed (

    ) – Click to filter out steps where documents have been viewed in the Document Viewer.

  • Versioning (

    ) – Click to filter out steps where versions of documents have been created.

Hover your mouse pointer over the icon to see the name of the action. Click again to remove the filter. 

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