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Version 6.3

This GlobalSearch release is focused on integration and automation. Features presented include elements to simplify data integrations and improve user workflows. In addition, more than 40 minor issues and enhancements have been resolved.

Any new documentation or items updated as part of this release have been independently tracked on the Documentation Changes page.

Technical Details

Items warranting specific attention in this release:

  • Installation pre-requisites that will be required when installing GlobalSearch are now documented. GlobalSearch will attempt to install these prerequisites when they are not found.

  • Active Directory users and groups can now be filtered.

  • Timed/Term/Lease licenses in on-premise scenarios will no longer operate in demo mode if the lease expires. Customers with a time based license type will find the software disabled should the license expire. Users in this state should contact their Square 9 authorized dealer, or their sales director for renewal options when working with time based licensing.

  • Permissions with users that have competing group memberships have been clarified. Expectations for permissions and how they are applied between users and groups can be found here.

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