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The Accounts Payable Application Template

Quick Start templates are Square 9's launchpad for the rapid deployment of predesigned business solutions that can be easily added to your GlobalSearch deployment. The Accounts Payable template delivers a fully functional means for more effectively managing your Purchase Orders, Vendor Invoices, and Delivery Slips.

This solution comes to you fully configured so it can be used immediately and was designed using time proven best practices for the management of Accounts Payable records including:

Purchase Orders
: Completed purchase orders can be saved directly into GlobalSearch from your multifunction printer, dedicated scanner or through drag & drop from your computer. Locating them for quick reference takes seconds with preconfigured browse searches or through searches that link them to specific invoices or packing slips.

Vendor Invoices: Once captured, vendor invoices can be quickly reviewed and approved with their progress visually presented through GlobalSearch’s unique “tabbed” based search return. With the tabbed view, your invoices are grouped automatically by their approval status.

Packing Lists: Finally, QuickStart for Accounts Payable provides the ability to capture and store all of your signed packing lists and delivery tickets and then match them to their respective purchase orders and/or vendor invoices. This automated matching simplifies the reconciliation process for any Account Payable department allowing you to work more efficiently and with better visibility into your invoice approval process.

The Quick Start for Accounts Payable template delivers a powerful solution right out of the box but can also be customized to fit the individual needs of the organization by the professional services team at Square 9.

The Accounts Payable Template Structure and Configuration

Archive Structure

A root folder is created titled "AP Processing." Below this root folder are three sub archives for the storage of the most common Accounts Payable documents. These archives can each be easily secured to prevent not permitted access and are labeled as:

  • Purchase Orders

  • Vendor Invoices

  • Packing Slips

Search Capabilities

The AP Processing Archive has 3 searches

  • Browse Accounts Payable - performs a search on all 3 child archives based on as the sub archives.

  • My Invoices - Returns only invoices that were indexed (filed) by the user who is currently signed in.

  • Invoices by Keyword - Allows for a content search for the invoice (note - this assumes that the captured invoice was captured as a text based document)

  • Three Way Match - this performs a search across each of sub archives and returns documents that have been matched based on their purchase order number.

Each of the sub-archives in the Accounts Payable template has 3 searches for locating stored records efficiently and effectively. These searches include:

  • Browse - Searches only for documents stored within the archive that match the criteria entered

  • Show Related Documents -  A specific lookup using the PO# to search against each of the other two Archives for related documents

Special Design Consideration

The Vendor Invoice archive uses a unique feature called view tabs to organize the records based on their approval status. The preset approval statuses for this archive include: Pending, Approved, Declined, New and Blank.

To learn more about view tabs and how they can be used in other applications, visit the GlobalSearch Online Documentation center or contact your Square 9 authorized reseller.

The Accounts Payable Template

Field Creation

With the selection of the Accounts Payable template, the following fields will be added to your field catalog. These represent the most common fields for managing Accounts Payable documents. Fields may be removed if they are not applicable to your application and custom fields can be added by a trained GlobalSearch Administrator.

  • Accounts Payable Field catalog:

  • Vendor Name

  • PO Number

  • PO Amount

  • PO Date

  • Cost Center (Field List)

  • Vendor Email

  • Notes

  • Invoice Amount

  • Invoice Date

  • Approval Status (Field List)

  • Match Status (Field List)

  • Quantity

  • Description

  • Unit Price

  • Extended Amount

  • Invoice Number

  • Date Captured

  • GL Code (Field List)

  • Part Number

  • Captured By

  • Invoice Line Item (Table Field)

Field Lists

The Accounts Payable template builds out four field lists within your field catalog. Field Lists provide a predefined indexing structure for that field which standardizes what information can be entered.

Accounts Payable included Field Lists:

  • Cost Center

  • GL Code

  • Invoice Approval Status

  • Invoice Match Status

                                  Field List for Entering Invoice Status

Modifying a Field List

Field Lists can be easily edited to represent the  unique requirement of your business. To modify a field list to the needs of your organization, you will need administrative permissions .

  1. Go to the administrator page and select Field Catalog

  2. On the Field Catalog toolbar, click Lists (upper right toolbar). A list of any existing Lists in the database will appear.

  3. Click the More Options (ellipsis) icon for the selected List and click Edit.

  4. From the List Editor you can add or delete values to the existing list.

  5. Click Save

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