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Quick Start Application Builder

The Quick Start Application builder is Square 9's launchpad for the rapid deployment of GlobalSearch. Fed from the Square 9 Solutions Delivery Network and using a wizard-style approach to, Quick Start walks the administrator through a step-by-step process for creating a new GlobalSearch instance including the creation of the Archive structure, the user community, and their access permissions.

As of GlobalSearch 6.3, Quick Start packages can include sample documents. Check the SDN for application packages that include documents for demonstration and learning purposes. Packages marked as Demo with Documents indicates the package includes sample documents that will be loaded by default.

Administrators may also add to an existing instance of GlobalSearch by leveraging pre-designed solutions templates. These templates include proven methodologies for managing documents and will automatically build out all of the necessary Fields, Archives, and Searches associated with that business application. 

Quick Start may be used as a means for transporting a solution design from one instance of GlobalSearch to another.  While many administrators may elect to use Quick Start for the delivery of their solutions given its tremendous ease of use, all aspects of the created design may be customized through GlobalSearch's standard administrative tools. 

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