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Open the Document Viewer

To display documents in the GlobalSearch Document Viewer, double-click on a record in the Search Results. You can double-click anywhere on a row in the Grid View. Each time you open a record, the document will open on a new tab in your browser. 

To open multiple documents in a single viewer, select the records to view by clicking the check box in the first column of the grid and then click Open Documents in the Actions menu.  Alternately, holding down the Shift key while double-clicking on one of the selected rows will open all selected documents.  Note that double-clicking on an item that is not selected will open only the item that was clicked, not the selected row(s).

The Document Viewer opens to display the first page of a document, the Index Fields on the right and a thumbnail view of the document on the left. If there is more than one page in the document, you can scroll through the pages or use the previous and next buttons to advance to additional pages.

When opening multiple documents at once, the viewer will display which document is currently being viewed above the thumbnail view. To navigate between documents, use the next or previous document button located at the bottom of the thumbnail pane, or use keyboard shortcuts for navigation

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