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Key GlobalSearch Definitions

GlobalSearchThe client for the Square 9 document management software, which allows access to your documents and data, while maintaining document security.
GlobalCaptureAn application, which as part of the Global suite of products, can be used in conjunction with GlobalSearch or with another business application to deliver a complete, end-to-end process for your data and document capture workflows.
GlobalActionA GlobalSearch feature for document-centric workflow and business process automation.
ArchiveA subdivision of a database, used to group documents by department, workgroup, process, chronological schema, or categorize documents that have a similar function or similar information.
CardA rectangular navigational area in the web client which can be expanded to display related information and menu items.
DatabaseRepresented by folders called “Archives,” an organizational structure similar to Windows Explorer, where documents are organized for searching and security. GlobalSearch uses one or more databases.
DocumentA paper or computer file containing information about business facts in the form of text, graphics, or both. A document digitally captured into GlobalSearch becomes linked to a record of associated indexing data.
Document List For Inboxes, a list of the documents in the selected Inbox. For Archives, a list of the documents and their indexing data (records) that result from a Search in the selected Archive or Archives. The List will reflect the permissions granted to the user.
Document ViewerThe specialized interface for viewing and editing a document and its indexing data. Whenever a document needs to be referenced, it will be opened in the Document Viewer.  
Index Field Part of the Archive definition, when a document is indexed to a database, the Index Fields are where the identifying information (metadata) is entered.
Index ViewerThe specialized interface for entering indexing data when a document is being captured.
InboxA temporary storage location for documents before they are indexed to a database.
Navigation PanesAreas of the interface from which to access Inboxes and database Archives.
RecordThe indexing data generated to describe and classify a document. It is stored in the SQL Server database.
S9 NotationA type-ahead tool for embedding variables into specific fields. Refer to the S9 Notation page for details.
SearchA saved object used to find documents in Archives in a database.
Table Field Multiple Index Fields of indexing data for a document, grouped together in table form.
Workflow A set of stored activities to automate the capture and/or processing of documents within an Archive.


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