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Edit Data using Data XChange

If you already have indexing data about your document in another location, such as a line-of-business application, you can use Data XChange to import that data into your GlobalSearch records; there is no need to type it in. Data XChange looks up data in the source location for the editable Index Fields the GlobalSearch record that you have open in the Document Viewer. For details on setting your Data XChange preferences, please refer to the User Settings page.

  1. To execute a Data XChange lookup, enter data into at least one Index Field.

  2. In the Document Viewer toolbar, click Data XChange.

  3. Select the data source from the drop-down list of all data sources configured for the selected Archive.
    If there is a similar document matching the indexing information being used, Data XChange will fill in as many Fields as possible in the current document with data from the matching data record. If more than one matching data record is found, you will be prompted with a dialog box asking you to select the correct data record.

  4. Click Save Changes.

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