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Securing Your Information

Business Essentials delivers a highly secure repository for managing your business information. With its native use of standing encryption for your documents and and in transit encryption through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) we make every effort to protect the records you store in GlobalSearch C2 for Business Essentials from outside threats from the moment they are saved to the system. 

Before you launch GlobalSearch C2 for Business Essentials for the first time, we request a list of users so that we can create their accounts and set their initial permissions for you. These user permissions which are defined as Administrator, Edit User and View Only user. A definition of the access level for each User Security Level can be found below with a detailed list of permissions found here. Should any changes to the predefined permissions be required, GlobalSearch C2 for Business Essentials also provides an expanded security model for limiting internal access to your users. This more granular approach to security is not typically needed by most organizations but it is always available.You can learn how to further restrict or expand permissions by going to the User Management page.

  • Read Only User  - A read only user has the most limited permissions set for the Archives they are given access to. With this level of access, users can only view documents, print documents or email documents.
  • Edit User  - The Edit user rights are expanded to include the basic permissions of the Read Only user plus the ability to add, delete, modify a document or its index data. They may also launch a document to its native application with this role or add/modify any annotations on a document. 
  • Administrative User - An Administrative user has full access to the archives they are given permissions to. In addition to the permissions of the Read Only and Edit User, the Administrative User can view the history of a document or archive, view previous revision, move documents within the system and export data and documents. 
  • Super User - The Super User is assigned when your system is first deployed. As the name might imply, the Super User has permission to do anything within the system. This includes all permissions of the Administrative user plus the ability to add users, set permissions, customize the user experience and create new objects, searches and views. If you have been designated as the super user you will have the ability to see everything stored within the system without limitation. 

The Role of the Super User

With the role of the Super User comes great responsibility as system changes can have downstream effects on all users. We strongly encourage anyone in this role to take the online education available for System Administrators or to call on their Square 9 Authorized Reseller for support.

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