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GlobalForms 10 Installation Instructions


While GlobalForms doesn't require any manually installed Pre-Requisities, it does require GlobalCapture Version  If your version is less,the, you will need to apply the latest GlobalCapture Release Update.

Obtaining the Media

To obtain the media for your licensed copy of GlobalForms 10, contact the Square 9 Fullfillment team or your Square 9 authorized reseller.

Running the Installer

After downloading and extracting your media, open your it's location, by default this is: C:\S9Media\GlobalForms\  

  1. Right Click "Setup.exe" and click "Run as Administrator".  

  2. You'll be prompted by the installer, select Next.  The software will install the Pre-Requisites for GlobalForms (Node.js).

  3. Accept the license agreement and select "Next".

  4. Confirm your installation directory and click "Next".  

    1. You can change your installation directory by clicking Change Button.

  5. Enter your Administration Account Information, your options are:

    1. Name: This is the name of the user account that we will use to login to GlobalForms 10.

    2. Password: The password for the account you created.

    3. Confirm: The password above entered above.

    4. Email Address: A email for the user you're creating.  This will be used for password resets.

    5. Port: The Port GlobalForms will run on, by default this is 3001.

    6. SSL Port: The SSL Port that GlobalForms will use by default.

    7. Use IP in Static Configuration Files:  This should be only used if you do not have reliable DNS services on your network to resolve computer names to IP Addresses.  

  6. When complete, click next.

  7. You will be prompted to setup a connection between GlobalForms and GlobalCapture.  This will be used to import forms into GlobalCapture.  Select one of the following options:

    1. Do Not Create Portal on GlobalCapture Server

      1. This option will not setup a connection to GlobalCapture, if selected this connection can be configured later, manually.

    2. Create Portal On This Machine

      1. This should be selected if GlobalCapture is running on the same machine as GlobalForms

    3. Create Portal on a Remote GlobalCapture Server

      1. This should be selected if GlobalCapture is on a different machine or if you wish to customize your options, those options are:

        1. Portal Name: The name of the Portal that will display in GlobalCapture.

        2. URL: The Path to the GlobalCapture API Website.

        3. Username: The Username of your GlobalCapture Service Account, this is normally SSAdministrator

        4. Password:  The password of your serivce account.

  8. Once you've selected your connection options, click "Next".

  9. Select "Install" to start the installation.

  10. When the installation is complete select "Finish" and reboot your server.

Running GlobalForms for the First Time

Launching GlobalForms 10 after installation is easy, to do so do the following:

  1. Open a Web Browser

  2. In your address bar, type: http://yourservername:3001

    1. 3001 represents the port you specified during installation

  3. When asked for username and password, use the one specified during the installation process.

  4. Click "Submit"

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