Enter a name for the Zone in the Template Designer. This property is required for all Zones and should be used to describe the Zone in a meaningful way. For example, a Marker Zone for an invoice number might be named “Invoice Number Marker” or "M_Invoice_Number."


Selecting a Zone type is required for all Zones. Which type you select affects the choices available for the rest of the Properties.

Select from the following:

  • Positional – Select this to describe the Search Region on a document based on coordinates or the location of Search Regions in other Zones.

  • Marker – Select this to define a specific search string.  Often used to detect any shifts in the image position and automatically register the Template to the proper location, markers may also be used to classify a document’s layout.  Marker is the default Zone and acts like a basic, easy-to-use version of a Pattern Match Zone. The Zone looks for an exact string match. The search string can specify multiple words that must occur in the same order in the document for a match to be found. Partial words can be specified in the search string, allowing for some level of “contains” matching.

  • Pattern Match – Select this to define regular expressions to exactly match your search string. They can be used to anchor other Zones, acting as a marker. 

  • Directional – Select this to locate the specific data using a parent Zone and from there look in a specific place relative to the parent Zone’s location.  Directional zones have the unique ability to repeat on a page or document.

  • Data Lookup – Select this to match you captured data to data in an external source.