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Legacy License Management

There are four user license types associated with capture: Administrator, Designer, Scanner, and Validation. All license types are concurrent and can be allocated by user or group. Licenses must be assigned to users or groups before they can be used on a registered installation.

Use licenses for the following:

  • Administrator - Registration, activating new features, configuring Batch Portals.
  • Designer - Creating and managing Workflows, Templates, and Fields.
  • Scanner - Web scanning interface.
  • Validation - Accessing a Batch Portal, opening the Validation Station.

Core licenses are also managed from the License Management screen. Core licenses are not “User” allocations, they are allocations to the GlobalCapture Engine itself.

When a license is consumed, the License ID showing the type of license, the username and IP address for the user, and the license expiration time are displayed. The numbers divided by a slash indicates the number of available licenses of that type that are available and how many are currently in use.

Timed Licensing

Beginning in GlobalCapture 2.2, licenses may be perpetual or term based.  Term based licensing is tied to a contract, and the software is only accessible for the term purchased.  At the end of the term, the software will stop working. 

Important notes for term based licenses:

  • Term licenses require the software be installed on a computer/server with Internet Access.  If the GlobalCapture server does not have internet access, term licenses can not be used.  A perpetual license is required for any customer that might have concerns about the capture server having internet access.
  • At the end of the term, GlobalCapture licenses will stop processing documents.  It's important to note that documents made available in GlobalCapture import locations will still be picked up and queued for processing once the term license is reactivated.  If you do not want GlobalCapture to pick up files when the license term has expired, stop or disable the GlobalCapture services on the server.
  • The GlobalCapture server will communicate with Square 9's licensing platform once per day to ensure the license term is active.  A retry interval is in place if a customer's internet access were to be compromised when the license check is made.  A temporary loss of internet should not negatively impact the customer's ability to process documents.

Shows the License Management interface.

Allocate License Seats

  1. To allocate license seats, click the Manage (
    Manage Icon
    ) button from the GlobalCapture home page or the Manage (
    Manage icon.
    ) icon in the toolbar to open the Administration interface.

  2. Click License Management.

  3. To allocate a new license seat, click the Add (
    ) button.

  4. Select the type of license from the License Type drop-down list.

    Shows the License Allocation interface with the menu list of available Core licesnses.

  5. To allocate a user or group to a Designer, Validation, Scanner, Administrator, or Analytics license:

    1. Select a user or group from the User or Group drop-down list of available Windows® and Square 9 User users or groups.

    2. To configure how long the license may go unused before expiring, enter the number of seconds before the license expires in the Duration (seconds) text box. The default is 900 seconds, which is 15 minutes.

    3. To set priority for allocating the license seat, enter a number in the Priority text box. Licenses will be consumed from highest to lowest priority (largest number to smallest number). Use the Priority setting when a user is a member of multiple groups with different allocations.

    4. To set the number of licenses to be allocated to the user or group, enter a number in the Allocation Count text box. Using this option, you can control the maximum number of licenses a user or group may ever consume. For example, you may allocate 10 Validation licenses to a group called "Approvers," which has 40 people in it. While all 40 users are licensed and able to log into a Validation Station (Batch Portal), only 10 users can log in at one time.

    5. Click OK.

    6. Scanner License: For a user to be able to use a scanner license. You will need Global Search extensions and to have the user secured to the batch portal. If you don't have the user or a group they are in secured to the back portal then they will not be able to see any workflows.

  6. To configure a Core license, select a GlobalCapture instance from the Engine Name drop-down list. Set the number of licenses to be allotted and then click OK. By default, the installation will create a four-license allocation for the default GlobalCapture Engine service, however additional engines can be added. There is no duration or priority for Core licenses, only the allocation count, which represents the maximum number of concurrent cores being spun up by that particular engine.

    If you have purchased multiple GlobalCapture Servers or are running multiple GlobalCapture Engines, you can allocate or change licenses as necessary.

    The number of licenses consumed and allocated is indicated by the numbers on the right-hand side of each License bar.

    Performance Considerations

    Core licenses should be allocated in line with the available processors cores on a server. Allowing GlobalCapture to use more cores than available on the server can cause performance issues. Refer to Square 9's hardware recommendations for more information.

    Shows the License Allocation interface.

  7. Click the Refresh button to update the License ID list.

Edit License Seats

  1. Click the Manage (
    Manage Icon.
    ) button from the GlobalCapture home page or the Manage (
    Manage icon.
    ) icon in the toolbar to open the Administration interface.

  2. Click License Management.

  3. Click the More Options icon in the selected License ID box and click Edit.

  4. Make changes to the license seat settings and click Save.

Delete License Seats

  1. Click the Manage (
    Manage Icon
    ) button from the GlobalCapture home page or the Manage (
    Manage icon.
    ) icon to open the Administration interface.

  2. Click License Management.

  3. To delete license seats and choose one of the following methods:

    1. Click the More Options (
      ) icon in the selected license seat box and click Delete.

    2. To delete one or more selected license seats, enable the checkbox in the selected license seat box and click Remove.

    3. To delete all license seats, click Remove All.

  4. Because this will permanently delete the license seat, enter the displayed text in the Confirm Action prompt and then click Delete.

Feature License Types

GlobalCapture is an extremely scalable, N-Tiered application. You may configure up to three processing engines on a single server, with a maximum of 12 cores shared amoung them. The feature licenses (features like Unstructured Data Extraction, Line Item Data Extraction, etc.) are always licensed to the server. If you intend on configured multiple GlobalCapture Engines across multiple Windows® servers, each server will require the necessary feature licenses. It is advisable that all servers share the same feature licenses to be sure your maximinzing processing potential.

Please contact your Square 9 reseller for more information and best practices for GlobalCapture licensing.

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