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Import Conflicts

Importing basic workflows in new environments is quick and easy.  It's possible that there could be naming conflicts introduced when a system already has production workflows.  Components related to existing processes can conflict with components from new processes.  Those conflicts need to be resolved in order to import.  For example, you may have a workflow named "Import and Move" but you are attempting to import a workflow provided by your Square 9 reseller that includes some added functionality, also named Import and Move.  Two GlobalCapture workflows can never have the same name.  The workflow migration tool offers users the ability to manually resolve most conflicts that present through the import process.

When conflicts are detected at import time, you will be presented with a dialog to address any problems.  The system will attempt to automatically resolve conflicts, but you do have the opportunity to override the system selections.  This happens whenever there is a field, list or table field that is exactly the same as another component on the existing installation.  In this case, the migration tool assumes you wish to use the existing component and not create a new one with a different name.  The conflict will come back to the user already resolved to use the existing field, list or table field in this case. 

Resolving Conflicts

  1. The dialog will indicate the number of conflicts in the title bar, and give a visual indicator of progress.

  2. The dialog will give you a description of the detected conflict and possible paths to resolve it.

  3. In most cases of conflict, the option exists to either provide a new name or use the existing object already present in the system.

  4. Use the dialog to navigate through all conflicts presented.  At any time you can cancel the process.

  5. When all conflicts are satisfactorily resolved, click the Resolve button to import the workflow.

Types of Conflicts

There are several different types of conflicts flagged at import:

  1. Rename - Handles renaming of workflows, fields, lists, templates, template groups, and users.

  2. Duplicate Import - Handles duplicate import locations, which is never allowed.  It's important to remember if you are moving an unpublished workflow, this is not performed.  It will be enforced when the administrator attempts to publish a conflicting workflow.  If you don't with to resolve the conflict, you can override the workflow's Published status.
  3. Archive Release - If your GlobalSearch Archives are not identical to the source's, this check allows you to override the release destination for Archives.

  4. Inbox Release - If your GlobalSearch Inboxes are not identical to the source's, this check allows you to override the release destination for Inboxes.

  5. Email Import - Allows users to configure a new mail server for email imports.

  6. Email Node - Allows users to update the ‘To’ field within an Email Node.

  7. Leftover Mapping Files - If you are importing workflows that include GlobalForms, leftover mappings may prevent the ability to import.  This would typically only happen if you were importing a workflow on a server that already had the same form based workflow configured previously.  Leftover mappings may be manually removed from the mapping folder, which defaults to c:\getsmart\kaos.  Be mindful of any changes to files in this location as you may impact other production workflows.
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