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General Zone Properties

  • Required – To ensure that the Zone contains data before the template is used for extraction, enable Required. This may be assigned to any Zone type, but it must be assigned for document classification. All required Zones in a Template must occur on a page for a document to be classified. A document will always classify with the first Template that matches all required Zones or the first Template that has no required Zones, whichever comes first. (Note that in some situations, enabling a Zone as a header or a footer may in fact make that Zone required. This primarily happens when one of these Zone types is a separator.)

    Required Zones should not be used if GlobalCapture is not licensed for Classification.
  • Separator – Advanced document separation can be performed with a Template. On one or more Zones, enable Separator and either Header or Footer to burst documents, when appropriate data is found. If Separator and Header are enabled, the Template will identify the first page of a document. If Separator and Footer are enabled, the Template will identify the last page. When either combination is enabled, the Group property becomes available. When Separator and Header are enabled, the Separate on Change property appears.

    Note that If there are any non-header/footer Zones also defined in the Template, any required Zones must also be found in order for classification and separation to occur.

    • Separate on Change – If identifying data appears on all pages and the documents should be burst when data in a Zone changes, also enable the contextual Separate on Change checkbox for that Zone.

    • Group – You can group together Zones so that the Template must match all of the Zones in the Group and be found on the same page. This makes it possible to add “OR” logic to separation when using Header or Footer groups. Assign a Zone to a group by number. Then, if there is more than one group of Zones configured for separation, the data extracted from the Zones belonging to the group that has the highest numerical value in the Group setting will be evaluated first. If all Zones in that group match a page, that Header or Footer group is used to separate the document on that page. If all Zones in the group do not match, the group with the second-highest Group numerical value is evaluated, and so on until a matching header or footer group is found. If none of the defined Header or Footer groups matches a page, the document will not be separated on that page.

  • Confidence – When OCR engines extract data there can be a margin of error in the interpretation. You can set the minimum accuracy for data extracted using the Confidence slider. Move it to the right to increase the threshold and to the left to decrease it. By default, it is set to 0%, which allows all results, including no data at all.

    Data will only extract if the average confidence for the words within the extracted data are above the set confidence threshold. The ideal level will be high enough to allow for acceptable accuracy in your Workflow automation while not being so high as to cause a lot of batch errors that users will have to correct manually. Around 80% to 85% is usually a good threshold to start with, unless it is likely that there will be no data in the Zone to extract, then leave it at 0%.
  • Priority – In some situations, two or more Zones could extract data for the same Field. To resolve extraction conflicts, enter a number in the Priority text box that appears if Separator is not enabled. The data extracted from the Zone which has the largest Priority numerical value will be retained. If the Zones have the same Priority setting, then the data extracted with the higher Confidence setting will be retained. This can be optionally configured for any Zone type.
  • Header – Enable the Header checkbox to assign the Zone as a header for a repeating or separator Zone. This can be assigned to go across multiple pages, from the same location on each page. Use headers to indicate the start of a document, thus allowing for separation on the start of a new document. Headers may also be used to trigger the start of a table of data, and are particularly relevant when attempting to extract tables of data across multiple pages. Note that if no header Zones are defined for a repeating Zone, then searching will continue at the edge of the following pages.
  • Footer – Enable the Footer checkbox to assign the Zone as a footer for a repeating or separator Zone. This can be assigned to go across multiple pages. Use a footer to indicate the last page of a document when separating, or to indicate the stopping point for table extraction when using repeating Zones.
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