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Field Zone Properties

You can map data extracted from Zones to indexing fields using the Field settings. This may be configured for any Zone type.

Note that with the Line Item OCR Extraction license, you can extract Table Field data from a single page (such as invoice line items) or across multiple pages. The repeating Zone can be set per document, per page, or per document region. Use this option in Directional Zones.

  1. Field or Table Field – Choose a Field or Table Field in the Field group to map a Zone to. If you select a Table Field, you can assign a Table Field to the parent/header Zone of a table. As you cannot assign a Table Field and a Field simultaneously, your Header Zone should not be used for extracting data that feeds a Field.

    1. Select a portal in GlobalCapture or GlobalSearch (if available).

    2. Select a database in the portal.

    3. Select either a Field or a Table Field in the database.

  2. Replacement – After mapping a Field or a Table Field to a Zone, the Replacement group appears. Use the Replacement settings to clean up extracted text. For example, if your OCR engine often interprets a zero as an O on a particular document, you can replace the letter O with the number 0. You could also use this to remove the dollar sign or comma from a number by replacing them with nothing.
    1. Click Add Replacement.

    2. Enter the text to be matched. You can use a string or a RegEx. This text box cannot be empty.

    3. Enter the replacement text. You can use a string or you can leave Replacement empty to strip out text, such as removing commas from a number.

    4. Select either Word to configure a text match or Pattern to configure a regular expression.

    5. To configure additional replacements, click Add Replacement again. To delete a replacement, click the Delete (X) icon next to the selected replacement settings.
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