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Database Upgrade for 3.0

GlobalCapture 3.0 introduces a number of new database driven features that require updates to the database and historical data within it. Upgraded databases can not be reverted without a valid backup. Ensure you have a good backup BEFORE beginning the upgrade.

The database upgrade is straight forward, but may be time consuming for customers with very large and/or unmaintained process collections. The database upgrade runs as part of the GlobalCapture upgrade process, but can also be run manually after the software upgrade if the default settings do not encompass all required data points.

After a good backup of your MongoDB database has been confirmed, run the GlobalCapture setup file. The following upgrade steps are performed. Note, an upgraded database CAN NOT function with a version of GlobalCapture prior to 3.0.

  1. The MongoDB workflows and processes collections will be renamed.

  2. New workflows and processes collection are created.

  3. Workflows are migrated.

  4. The upgrade process will execute, moving updated processes into the new process collection.

  5. Upgrade events are logged to a text file prefixed with “schemaUpgrade” and the date/time of execution located in the Logs path specified by the Square9API web.config.


The upgrade parameters for an automatic upgrade include the migration of all “in-process” data, and 90 days of completed history. Customers who feel the need to migrated more than 90 days of completed process history may due so, post upgrade.

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