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Create, Edit, and Delete Field Lists

Process Fields can draw their data from a preconfigured pick list of values, greatly reducing the number of keystrokes needed to validate documents. Create the set of List values, then a Process Field, and then assign it to a Workflow. The set of List values can be typed into the List Editor or be dynamically pulled from a third-party data source using Assembly Bound Lists. Refer to the List Options page for details on the List types.

Create Standard Field Lists

  1. To create a new List, on the Field Catalog toolbar, click Lists and click the Add (
    ) button found in the bottom right corner of the screen.

    Shows the GlobalCapture Field Catalog interface with the Lists tab indicated.

  2. Enter a name for the new List.

  3. Click the Add Value button and enter a value in the New Item text box. Use the Add Value button and Delete (minus sign) button to the left of a value to edit the list.

  4. To load the List data from an assembly bound list, with real time binding to a source like a vendor list in your accounting application, click the Assembly Binding button. Enter the local path in the Assembly Path box. Enter the assembly parameters in the Assembly Parameters box.

    1. Click Load Data to test the List.  If the data does not display, additional troubleshooting with the calling assembly will be required.

  5. Click Save.

    Shows the List Editor interface.

Arrange Values in the List with the End User in Mind

  • List items will be displayed to the user in the order in which they were entered. Listing the values in a particular order (by frequency of use, for instance) can make the List more usable. However, when using the Type Ahead feature this is not necessary. Typing a character will return values starting with that character no matter where they are located in the List.

  • Be mindful when using list-bound Fields with data extraction. If the data extracted does not match an item in the List, it can potentially cause errors in the Workflow. In some cases, this may be used as a way to ensure extracted text matched expected text.

Edit Standard Field Lists

  1. On the Field Catalog toolbar, click Lists. All existing Lists in the database will appear.

  2. Click the More Options (
    ) icon in the selected List box and click Edit.

  3. Make changes in the List Editor as described in the previous section and click Save.

Delete Standard Field Lists

Possible Data Loss

Deleting a List removes it permanently. When you delete the List, the document records which already exist will retain their values. Future document indexing data will not have this List available.

  1. On the Field Catalog toolbar, click Lists.

  2. Click the More Options icon in the selected List box and click Delete.


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